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Get Involved!

We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We, thus, encourage people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country.

One can volunteer in the following fields:-


  1. Teaching
  2. Preparing teaching- learning aids
  3. Talent Development (Theatre, Dance, Singing, Painting etc)
  4. SUPW ( School Sanitation, Tree Plantation etc)

Institutional Care

  1. Counseling, spending time with children.
  2. English Conversation.
  3. Talent Development.
  4. Academic support.
  5. Computer Classes.
  6. Software products.

Community Programs

  1. Assist in campaigning on various issues.
  2. Community Mobilization – Enhance community participation, Sensitize on community issues.
  3. Door to door survey in all locations and analysis.

Head Office

  1. Designing of Documents.
  2. Trainings.
  3. Process Documentation.
  4. Research and Documentation.
  5. Fund Raising.
  6. Administrative support (data entry, dispatching, packing etc).


Sakaar Outreach Internship program provides opportunities for students to gain experience in their field of interest.

One can Intern in the following core areas: –


  1. Education
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Health

Networking and Fund Raising

Human Resource Development